Aerohive and JAMF Software Announce Integrated Mobile Device Management Solution for Apple Devices

Integrated Solution Uniquely Enables Educational Institutions to Issue Devices, Force Enrollment Compliance and Control Distribution of eBooks and Apps on Apple Devices

Sunnyvale, Calif. — June 25, 2012 — Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, today announced that it has integrated its enterprise Wi-Fi products with the JAMF Software Casper Suite, the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for Apple devices. Aerohive and JAMF Software have teamed up to develop a new solution that enables comprehensive management of Apple devices, control of eBook and App distribution, and automates and enforces enrollment of devices to ensure compliance with school policy.

News Facts

  • Combining these best-in-class technologies, the new Aerohive and JAMF Software solution integrates intelligent Wi-Fi access with a leading MDM solution to create a complete, simple management and network access solution for Apple devices in schools and enterprises.
  • A major issue facing mobile device deployment in schools is enrolling new devices, either provided by the school or brought in by students, with a mobile device management profile. In many cases, there is no way to enforce a policy for students to install the profile, and many know how to uninstall it once it is installed. The Aerohive/JAMF Software solution automates the enrollment process by ensuring devices without the profile are not granted access while redirecting the devices to the enrollment page. If the student uninstalls the profile, network access is automatically disabled and the student is forced to re-enroll. Additionally, the Casper Suite interface provides the capability to alert if there has been tampering with the profile.
  • Aerohive’s HiveOS provides enterprise class network control and access with controller-less Wi-Fi functionality including remote monitoring, troubleshooting, SLA compliance, airtime management and built-in spectrum analysis.
  • JAMF Software’s Casper Suite offers features and functions that provide IT administrators with best practice strategies to meet the challenges of supporting Mac OS X and iOS in the enterprise, allowing organizations to build and sustain a stable, cost-effective and user-friendly computing environment.
  • This new, comprehensive solution allows administrators to manage, control and maintain Apple devices by collecting inventory information, managing eBook and app distribution and enforcing device security and network access permissions.
  • Aerohive continues on its mission to advance wireless network deployment of Apple devices in the enterprise. In March 2012, Aerohive introduced its Bonjour Gateway, a new feature that enables management and control of Apple’s “Zero-Configuration Networking” technology, called Bonjour®, to make services such as AirPrint™ and AirPlay® usable across large, multi-subnet networks regardless of the underlying topology. Combined with JAMF Software’s Casper Suite, Aerohive now provides a complete solution for all Apple Wi-Fi deployments.
  • For a demo of Aerohive’s and JAMF Software’s integrated solution, click here


“Like JAMF Software, Aerohive is incredibly focused on enabling great Apple device experiences with real innovations,” said Chip Pearson, managing partner, JAMF Software. “Aerohive provides the means to deploy a cost effective and feature-rich Wi-Fi infrastructure that is representative of the future of wireless technology. Integrating Aerohive’s intelligent access points with our technology allows us to enforce device management with access control, greatly enhancing the user experience in Apple deployments.”

“The integration of WLAN with MDM is a natural, complementary and evolutionary approach to supporting the complexity of BYOD and consumer-oriented mobile devices.” said Philip Clarke, Research Analyst, Nemertes Research.

“As the first school in Tennessee to implement a 1:1 iPad program, Columbia University was faced with the monumental challenge of finding a mobile device management solution that could support our network infrastructure and provide us with inventory management, software distribution and access anywhere,” said Eric Karkau, director of information technology at Columbia Academy. “Deploying Aerohive and JAMF Software’s MDM solution has given us granular control of our 1:1 iPad program. Their customer service and technical support has been valuable beyond measure, and I strongly recommend both of these products in virtually any size deployment.”

“Rowan-Salisbury school system has thousands of Mac OS X computers and iOS devices operating amongst our faculty and students. This new reality makes it imperative to have a wireless infrastructure we can depend upon,” said Phillip Hardin, executive director for technology at Rowan-Salisbury School System. “We are very excited about Aerohive and JAMF Software’s new integrated MDM solution, enabling us the ability to effectively manage Apple mobile devices while bringing a new level of efficiency and time savings to our technology department.”

“Partnering with JAMF Software leverages Aerohive’s unique capability to create compelling applications on our powerful Wi-Fi access platform,” said Bill Hoppin, VP of business development at Aerohive. “As our previous product introductions have shown, we are committed to enhancing enterprise Apple deployments for our customers. This partnership enables the growing number of educational institutions embracing Apple and the BYOD mindset to maximize their wireless networks with intuitive and effortless management.”

About JAMF Software
JAMF Software, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is the creator of the Casper Suite, the only suite of Mac OS X and iOS management software developed exclusively for the Apple platform.

As the best-of-breed management solution, the Casper Suite provides a great breadth and depth of functionality for IT administrators including inventory, imaging, software distribution, package building, image management, remote updates, iOS mobile device management, and a powerful framework for automated support.