Drakes Supermarket

Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia with 57 stores throughout South Australia and Queensland.

Drakes used handheld devices for stocktaking and ordering, but these devices could not transmit data outside of the office. They needed a system where updates could be sent from the floor of their stores, while ensuring there were no wireless dropouts and signal strength issues.

In 2011, Beachhead worked on a network design and successfully deployed across 60 sites – consisting of supermarkets, news agencies, head office and a liquor centre in both Queensland and South Australia – over a 2 month period. Now that the network is established, ordering any new infrastructure is as easy and simple as ordering a new PC and no one in the Drakes IT team is required to manage ongoing installation.

“We needed a wireless network that was stable and could deliver us confidence that black spots and dropouts would be something of the past.

The solution fit our business model perfectly. It’s reliable, more cost-effective than our previous solution, and the fact that we can manage all of these devices and Access Points from a central point is exactly what we were after.”

Rod Koza, Chief Information Officer