Cedars Christian College

Cedars Christian College is an independent private school located near Wollongong NSW. The college has students from early childhood through to Year 12, and touts their on-campus technology as a benefit to enrolment.

In 2011, Cedars College wanted to install Wi-Fi across its campus. Beachhead implemented solutions in a process the college called ‘simple and painless’.  Originally only available to teachers, the coverage had an overwhelmingly positive impact on classroom enrichment and led to an ongoing relationship between Cedars College and the Beachhead Group.

When the college decided to open up Wi-Fi to all students under a BYOD plan, Beachhead facilitated an upgrade of the internet connection, with a package that included web filtering, cloud access, server management and a fibre internet connection.

Most recently, Beachhead delivered a full hardware refresh, visiting the site in person to assess the risks of having production data on servers that were out of warranty. The new infrastructure provides a stable environment in which the college can have confidence, with the added benefit that it would reduce support costs and ensure capacity for growth.

“Beachhead handles IT projects professionally and we could not be happier with the service we receive. Our relationship is stable, and their technical knowledge and quality of advice is second to none.

They are also very sensitive around budget, understanding that schools do not have a bottomless pit of money. They often provide services above and beyond what is contracted, stepping in to solve any issues at no further costs.

Having Beachhead on board gives me the opportunity to reclaim a huge amount of time to focus on our students and other tasks, without having to worry about technical issues.”

David Carter, IT Director