Aerohive Networks brings significant cost savings to Wodonga Institute of TAFE

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As a major institute of advanced learning, Wodonga Institute of TAFE relies heavily on its technology infrastructure to provide teaching and learning support to its 500 staff and many thousands of students. In the modern mobile world, wireless connectivity is a must.

The Institute’s previous wireless network was expensive to acquire and support, and proved unreliable in service, leaving some buildings of Wodonga campus with no wireless connectivity at all. On top of the complexity of managing the Wi-Fi network, the ageing wireless access points and controllers were also a challenge, with inconsistency of coverage causing significant downtime.

The new Aerohive Wi-Fi network that has been implemented costs significantly less and is much more reliable than the system it replaced, greatly improving productivity of staff and students. The network provides the basis for flexible, fluid learning for the Institute’s thousands of students across its large multi-campus facility in the northern Victorian city of Wodonga, and at the Institute’s remote campus in Tasmania.