Aerohive Delivers Gigabit Wi-Fi

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New Access Points Enable Transition to 802.11ac High Performance Wi-Fi and Provide Seamless, Plug-and-Play Integration into Existing Networks

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Oct. 1, 2013 — Aerohive Networks®, a leader in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-managed mobile networking for the enterprise market, today announced two new access points (APs) supporting 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi. The new AP370 and AP390 products extend Aerohive’s cloud-managed mobile networking platform, enabling a simple migration to 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi, whether upgrading incrementally to address existing capacity issues or installing a completely new 802.11ac network.

News Facts

  • 802.11ac is the latest radio technology for the Wi-Fi industry, offering an increase in data rates to beyond one gigabit per second. This new specification provides greater capacity, improved RF management, and overall improved performance over the current standard of 802.11n, all of which enable enterprises to support the continuing flood of new Wi-Fi devices. With the Wi-Fi Alliance having just announced certification for 802.11ac products in June, faster Wi-Fi is now a reality in 2013.
  • With most devices still operating on the 802.11n standard, many enterprises are hesitant to deploy 802.11ac due to the amount of time and budget required to revamp the network, including the possible need to upgrade power infrastructure to Power over Ethernet+ (POE+). With this announcement, Aerohive shows how enterprises, even those with legacy PoE infrastructure, can incorporate 802.11ac into their network without overbuilding or over complicating their Wi-Fi deployment.
  • The new AP370 and AP390 products leverage Aerohive’s distributed architecture, known as its Cooperative Control architecture, which provides enterprise-class Wi-Fi without requiring a controller or overlay network. This enables 802.11ac to be deployed immediately and incrementally without needing to pay for any more equipment than is required – whether that be for one or two critical areas, or across an entire campus. Enterprises no longer have to worry about the cost and complexity of upgrading controllers or their software. Aerohive’s HiveOS™ further ensures that new and old access points can coexist in the same network.
  • All Aerohive access points, switches and routers are managed using HiveManager®, a single platform for cloud-based or on-premise management. Configuration, security, and access policies can be centrally defined and managed, and then pushed to any Aerohive device, including the new AP370 and AP390.
  • The 802.11ac solution also supports high-availability configurations. Dual Ethernet ports allow the AP370 and AP390 products to be simultaneously connected to two different switches, enabling uninterrupted wireless service during infrastructure upgrades or a switch failure—crucial for today’s mobile-first enterprises that cannot tolerate wireless downtime.


“When considering Wi-Fi solutions, performance, flexibility and reliability are my top concerns,” said Jeff Rosenberger, information services manager, City of Morgan Hill. “I am extremely excited about Aerohive’s new AP370 and AP390 products. They will provide us the ability to begin deploying the latest Gigabit Wi-Fi, on demand and without having to perform any infrastructure upgrades or reconfigurations to those places that will need it most, when it’s needed – a benefit very valuable to the Cityof Morgan Hill and any IT department with limited time and resources.”

“Aerohive is a leader in controller-less Wi-Fi for a reason, and developing 802.11ac access points is the natural next step to round out their product suite,” said Bradley Chambers, director of IT, Brainerd Baptist School. “Here at Brainerd Baptist School, we rely on Aerohive’s cloud-managed mobile networking solution to manage bandwidth-hogging wireless devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops. Thanks to Aerohive’s flexible architecture, even modern 802.11n deployments can drop in 802.11ac access points in congested areas to see immediate relief. We believe Aerohive is the best choice to take us to higher speeds and higher density.”

“At Aerohive, we’re committed to helping enterprises take advantage of the latest technology to their best advantage,” said David Flynn, chief executive officer, Aerohive Networks. “This next evolution in our advanced AP technology will allow forward-thinking enterprises to begin laying the foundation for the high-performance networks of tomorrow with a smooth, phased approach that still provides the high performance and simplicity for IT departments today.”

About Aerohive Networks

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