Distributed WiFi

Today, there is an explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices, with 3-4 times the number of clients appearing on the network, an order of magnitude performance increase with the 802.11n standard, and the migration of Wi-Fi from convenience to mission-critical Ethernet replacement networks. Gone are the days where wireless was an ad hoc requirement, wireless is now required to perform, from a reliability factor, as good as an ethernet cable.

To address the challenges of these environments and provide a solution to the demand, we use a controller-less wireless LAN architecture called Cooperative Control. This unique controller-less architecture enables secure, scalable, high-performance and mission-critical wireless networking in a manageable and cost effective way to industries like education, healthcare, state and local government, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

A controller-less approach distributes all control functions and data forwarding to smart APs while maintaining a centralised management system for monitoring and configuration – similar to how routers function. The advantages of this approach are:-

  • No u-turns, bottlesnecks or single points of failure
  • Flexible expansion – just add APs
  • Superior branch performance and survivability
  • Real mesh support
  • Increased reliability and reduced cost (no controllers)
  • Advanced value-added functionality

While traditional wireless solutions ‘get the job done’ when not pushed to the limit and used in an ad-hoc environment, there is very little on the market today that can handle the true distributed, high density, high performance and reliability requirements of next generation wireless provisioning.

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  • “Mobile Device Management lets us easily and effectively manage the iPads distributed throughout the school – with focus on student safety and maximising the learning potential of these devices.”

    cusd Henry Danielson – Director of Technology
    Coast Unified School District