Learning Practice

  • Putting Learning at the forefront of technology decision making
  • Online Learning and Collaboration Platforms that are focused on improving learning outcomes, first second and third.
  • Full support for BYOD strategies reducing cost pressure on both the school and parents
  • Positively impact the learning experience in the classroom
  • Delegate internet control to the classroom – under privilege and with protections
  • Auto Alert the Pastoral Care teams of behavior warranting immediate redress

High Performance Networking Practice

  • Core, Distribution and Edge Layer Networking
  • Embrace WiFi with the support of Australia’s foremost specialists
  • Architect your network to ensure throughout to support your application, device and data profiles both now and well into the future
  • Leverage Beachhead to facilitate Phase In / Phase Out network migrations and avoid the Vendor driven ‘ Forklift Throw away’
  • Deployment of powerful Network Management toolsets providing visibility and alerting to Network and server bottlenecks

Mobility Practice

  • Embrace the power and cost effectiveness of a truly mobile workforce,student body or contractor base.
  • Support users to BYOD ( Bring your own devices )
  • User Beachhead’s year of experience to identify the threats , mgmnt considerations and rollout strategies
  • Onboarding Best Practice guidance and toolsets
  • MDM ( Mobile Device Management ) tools to manage fleets centrally
  • NAC ( Network access control ) tools to ensure compliance with device profiles
  • Application delivery, retrieval and accounting

Security Practice

  • Fully Hosted, or Managed & Monitored
  • Guidance and consulting services to ensure your money is best and most effectively spent
  • Use Beachhead to help you wade through the FUD and right size your security solutions
  • Management of both externally and internally originating threats
  • Zero day threat protection
  • Layer 7 Application driven policy and control
  • Sandbox test environments

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  • “Cost, scalability and ease-of-management were the three things that made Aerohive stand out from the competition during the selection process. And since implementation, the network has proven itself to be incredibly reliable – having never failed.”

    tyndale John Hie
    Tyndale Christian School